Hello beautiful people,

My name is Davaryah, and I'm the heart and hands behind Yayah designs. So you might be wondering, What is Yayah? Well, Yayah is my favorite nickname; Read on for a peek into my unique life story and the inspiration for Yayah designs.

I grew up in a tiny peace-loving hippie village in the heart of Israel in the mid 1970s in a Jewish commune that is strictly orthodox, yet artistic and colorful. Moshav Mevo Modiim, or affectionately known as THE Moshav, is a fantastic place where 40 families have lived together for 40 some odd years. This teeny-tiny eccentric tribe of people has stuck together through thick and thin and has dramatically impacted modern Jewish life in Israel and beyond.

Thankfully my parents didn't just teach me the rules of Judaism but the inner meaning of the religion. Our home was steeped in traditional Jewish life, emphasizing mystical Judaism, Kabbalah, sacred geometry, and numerology.  This unique upbringing began a lifelong love affair with geometric designs, which you can see clearly in the YAYAH designs aesthetic. The geometric shapes are more than just a design style; they represent the patterns found in nature and the patterns we create in our lives.

In the mid-2000s I moved across the world to California, and my life changed forever.  I showed up ultra-orthodox, wore long skirts, sleeves, and high necklines, kept strict kosher and Shabbat. I didn't quite fit in, to say the least. I was way out of my comfort zone but at the beginning of a journey of self-discovery and expression that would transform my life. This newfound freedom to explore and experience life on my own terms was a revelation.

I enrolled in community college, the largest and most diverse school I had ever attended, having grown up attending all-girls Jewish private schools my whole life. I delved into my studies and areas of interest and fell madly in love with African and Brazilian dance, hula hooping, poi, percussion, fashion, and the performance arts. I joined dance crews and performed all over California at events and festivals. I went through a paradigm shift from being an ultra-orthodox modest woman to a bikini and feather-clad samba dancer.

One of my very first jobs after moving to California was at a gem and jewelry shop. I reveled in working with gemstones of every shape, color, and size. We are so lucky to be able to wear adornments that are so ancient and stunning. Gems are formed deep within the earth over millions and millions of years under intense heat and pressure.  Gems are a central part of the YAYAH design aesthetic and are more than just bling; they represent the creation of beauty and strength out of intense heat and pressure.

Throughout my performance career I've created elaborate costumes and body chains for festivals and shows. I created a way of disassembling the body chains into their individual parts so I could wear them more often. I upgraded my designs with multiple clasps and adjustable elastic bands, which increased the functionality and enabled the jewels to be worn in many different ways.

These unique features give the jewelry the ability to be ambidextrous and connect equally on both sides, to itself and other pieces, so you can transform a seemingly straightforward piece of jewelry into a variety of necklaces, belts, garters, headpieces, armbands, body chains, and more. These qualities of versatility and flexibility are inspired by the world of dance and percussion, where it is essential to find balance, strength, and flexibility on both sides of the body.  

Yayah Designs is a lot more than just stunning jewelry, it is an ideology. Each of the elements of yayah designs has a meaning that mirrors lessons from life experience. Be like elastic, stretch your limits, open yourself up to new connections. Be like gemstones, shine under pressure, create good habits and life patterns.

I aim to create a community that is also into leveling up their look and lifestyle. Join YAYAH designs on the email list and on Social Media @yayahdesigns for gorgeous jewelry and inspirational content.

Blessings and love,


a.k.a Yayah